AUGUR presented at JCDL 2018

The ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in 2018 (JCDL 2018) took place last week in Fort Worth (Texas). Angelo attended the conference to discuss his recent advances showed in the research paper “AUGUR: Forecasting the Emergence of New Research Topics”.
In brief, Augur is a framework analysing the diachronic relationships between research areas and is able to detect clusters of topics that exhibit dynamics correlated with the emergence of new research topics. It was evaluated on a gold standard of 1,408 debutant topics in the 2000-2011 interval and outperformed four alternative approaches in terms of both precision and recall. For more details please read here.
Presenting such work allowed him to gather interesting feedbacks to be examined within the future work.
JCDL 2018 is a venue that attracts many researchers working on digital libraries and scholarly data. Attending this conference, gave our team the opportunity to acknowledge ongoing projects and to meet other teams working in the same field, so to establish new potential collaborations.
As a team, we look forward to attend the next edition of JCDL, next year in Urbana (Illinois).

Download Paper from ORO: link


This work has been presented at the session “Topic Modelling and Detection” using the following presentation: