Springer Nature HackDay

On the 29th November 2017, the SKM3 team attended the second edition of SpringerNature HackDay in London (@ SpringerNature Campus).

Aliaksandr Birukou, Executive Editor of Computer Science at Springer Nature and collaborator of our research team at the Knowledge Media Institute, also joined Andrea, Thiviyan and Angelo on the HackDay.

The whole event aimed at joining together the skills and interests of many developers and researchers with SciGraph, for advancing discovery.

The main web page for the event is here: https://github.com/SN-HackDay/Advancing-discovery-with-research-data.

As a team, we worked on Venue-centric trends problem. In particular, our projects provides to editors, conference organizers and many others, a dashboard to understand how knowledge flows across countries and continents, who are the main producers and consumers of the research output for a given conference, whether the conference is open to interdisciplinarity, and many other questions.

Due to time constraints, we decided to focus on only one conference: International Association for Cryptologic Research (CRYPTO). However, this is easily extensible by changing some parameters.

In particular, this project consisted in

  • setting up a SPARQL endpoint in which we loaded a set of papers (which included enough information for that conference in a time period);
  • wroting and running within a Python script, some SPARQL queries to retrieve information about CRYPTO conference (including the published papers);
  • creating the dashboard, from the output (in JSON format), with the combination of Kibana and Elastic Search.

The GitHub repo of our project is available here: https://github.com/angelosalatino/venue-centric-trends

We presented and demoed the project at the end of the HackDay. Here are the slides we used to present our project, which allowed us to reach the second place.