Technology-Topic Framework

The Technology-Topic Framework (TTF) is a novel approach which uses a semantically enhanced technology-topic model to forecast the propagation of technologies to research areas. TTF characterizes technologies in terms of a set of topics drawn from a large-scale ontology of research areas over a given time period and applies machine learning on these data to forecast technology spreading. The goal is to suggest promising technologies to scholars in a field, thus helping to accelerate the knowledge flow and the pace of technology propagation.

It was first presented in a paper published at K-CAP2017.

The main contribution of the relevant paper are:

  • The definition and implementation of the TechnologyTopic Framework, a novel approach to characterise and forecast technology propagation;
  • A dataset associating technologies to research topics throughout time, which can be used to perform further analysis of technologies in the fields of Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence;
  • An evaluation on 1,118 technologies in the 1990-2013 period, which shows that our methodology can forecast technology spreading with a high precision.

The material produced for the paper is available here.


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